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Pataya - Don't Hide Your Tears (Samples) + 1 [AOR] 198?


Tokyo Rose - Same 1992 (Hard Rock) USA

Nice sounding band that came out of the San Diego area like a mixed bag of melodic hard rock/'ll hear catchy hooks and just a hint of keys. Vocalist Jeff Axelson is very similar sounding to NITRO's J. Gillette. Their sound can be compared to a mix of early CINDERELLA, NITRO, AUTOGRAPH with hints of MOTLEY CRUE and POISON. (Delbert)
A fine release from California based 5 pieces band.They are just between Autograph - Jag Wire and Motley Crue - Poison in sound.Worth owning. (Japangea)
Thank You M31.

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The Way In - Blame It On Rock And Roll 2014 (Hard Rock) US


Vaudville - Exit To Hollywood 2014 (Hard Rock) US

In 1990, former Rated-X guitarist, Dave LaChance, and drummer, Kelly Ryan, set out to form a band that would not only catch the attention of a thriving Hollywood music scene, but the world as well. To complete the rhythm section, they found ex-G.G. Gangster and Juicy Miss Lucy bassist, Blaine Horn and the nucleus of Vaudville was formed. After months of writing and rehearsing new material, it was time for the trio to find the right voice to complete their aggressive, street wise brand of hard rock. A nation wide search led them to Ohio, home of Nasty Action frontman, Doug Savage. A couple weeks later, Savage was on a plane bound for Los Angeles, and the line-up was set. By early 1991, Vaudville exploded onto the L.A. club scene, and made its mark in no time. The band quickly gained a large following and found themselves headlining shows up and down the Sunset Strip. This was followed by the release of their first, five song demo, which propelled them to the top of the scene. By the time they released their second, four song demo, they were solidified as a Hollywood powerhouse. Vaudville disbanded in 1993. The emergence of grunge and alternative rock drew the world attention away from Los Angeles and the record companies were no longer looking to the Sunset Strip for new bands. Sadly enough, this was not an uncommon tale for this time, and a diminishing scene saw many great bands disappear into the sunset...

The Stand - All The Wrong Reasons Feel So Ggood 2014 (Melodick Rock)

Every town across America in the 80's and early 90's had its own unique local hard rock/heavy metal scene, and Nashville was no exception. And during those years, there was one mainstay that ruled the Nashville Hard Rock Scene, regardless of the countless name changes, formations and deformations, and revolving doors. The core of that mainstay was the Simmonz brothers: Mike, Paul, and Jamie. Now to tell you the story of the Simmonz Brothers would be a book in and of itself, so we will merely touch on the genius of the Simmonz brothers and a few of their band mates in the next few paragraphs. With numerous band names like Speed Limit, Aura, Dreamer, Ezekiel Steel, Mad Habit, Dorcha, Passion Temple, Assasin, Assault, The Rock, The Stand, and on and on and on...The Simmonz brothers are definitely some of those rare musicians that make you sit back and scratch your head and say why are these guys not headlining arenas? Many incarnations of Nashville hard rock bands have seen a Simmonz throughout the 80's and 90's. While the laundry list is long, many notable members have graced a band with a Simmonz brother. There was Dreamer, who would feature Kenny Earl (who would later be known as Rhino in Manowar) and Bobby Lee Morgan (also signed to FNA Records). There was Assasin who had drummer Jim Phipps punding the skins. Jim would later go on to be the drummer in Every Mother's Nightmare. Simmonz at one time or another also featured Mike Easlo, who would eventually play with a band called Lust, that gave Ron Keel his start. Another version of Simmonz, known as The Rock and then The Stand (now released on FnA Records) featured Gus Palas (GVPIII). At one point, the brothers teamed up with Paul Ebersold (who wrote Kryptonite by Three Doors Down). They recorded with legendary hard rock producer Michale Wagener (Dokken). Simmonz has opened for Damn Yankees, Bad Company, Sebastian Bach, Black Label Society, Blue Oyster Cult. While headline tours and front-page fame may have alluded the brothers, they have not sat by idlely. In recent years, you could witness Paulie playing with great artists like the Legendary Shackshakers, Reverend Horton Heat, Petra, and Black Oak Arkansas, and Mike with Nashville's Big Rock Show featuring mebers of Winger, Hair Of The Dog, and Skid Row. This barely sums up all that the brothers have accomplished, but gives you the reader an idea of what has transpired over the last 25 or so years; and we at FNA felt that it would be a travesty to just let this music sit on the shelf and collect dust. So we have decided to release a good chunk of their music and let the world see and hear some of Nashville's finest hard rock!!!! Plus, you couldn't be in the company of three nicer guys or three finer musicians. Please check out all of their releases through FNA Records and their personal websites at simmonzbrothers on Myspace and mikesimmonsband dot com.

Stikky Suite - Kicked Out Of Heaven 2014 (Hard Rock) US

Formed in the early 1990’s, Stikky Suite was Kevin “Kayze” Piedt on vocals and guitars, Mark “Koke” Schuth on guitar, Dusty Raven on bass, and Jeff Trikx on drums. In a time when alternative rock was becoming king, Stikky Suite stuck to their “glam rock” roots, and gained a following for their good time hard rock songs and high energy shows. Stikky Suite was the go-to act to have open for the national acts coming through the Chicago area, and opened for bands such as Dangerous Toys, Lillian Axe, Enuff Z’ Nuff and Tuff, to name a few. The band split up in 1994 and the guys went their separate ways. Their demo was never released until now.

Nobodys Children - Long Road 2014 (Hard Rock) US

From 1988 to 1992, the world was able to embrace and came to know one of the best rock gems the South had to offer....a little force hailing from Shreveport, LA known as Nobody’s Children. They were a force to be reckoned with while playing countless shows across the country 5+ nights a week with enough lighting and stage equipment crammed into a 24 foot truck that would have shamed even the greatest of bands on the Sunset Strip back in the day. Committed to their cause like no other, Nobody’s Children stormed on to the music scene with this contagious sound that not only commanded airplay, but also amassed an impressive loyal fan following that still lives on today. Simply put, Nobody’s Children loved their fans and their fans loved them back. Establishing themselves as one of the most requested live acts on the circuit, their first single “Why Don’t You Cry” became the most requested song on 98 Rocks KTAL FM and remained unchallenged for quite some time. The band’s collective synergy was the result of the unique and varied background of each individual band member that drove their heavy and melodic sound…..a sound that would rival any band, any time. Front man and vocalist Brad Robinson charged the band right at its audience with such an appealing sound and incredible vocal range evident at any of the band’s performances. The dynamic guitarist pairing of Nathan H and Craig Bradford was unparalleled in driving rhythm, killer riffs, and lightning solo precision like no other. Bringing it on the bass was Kevin Henderson with his energetic stage presence and unique style that drove the band’s rhythm. And then there was Geoffrey Ward on drums….a true spectacle of fun loving rock god drumming that powered the band’s sound. As a band, their live shows were packed with high energy, excitement, and spontaneity that created the band’s own karma and launched their own breed of contagious fan loyalty. It was their untouchable level of blood, sweat and tears poured into every performance night after night that gave Nobody’s Children their edge over other bands during this time. Whether you were hanging out with the band at The Cartoon Lounge back in the day, or experiencing the band today through the FnA Records re-mastered release of Long Road now including never before released live tracks, the mystique and magic of Nobody’s Children marches on. Long Road is an iconic effort filled with melodic tracks including hit singles “Why Don’t You Cry” and “Standing On My Heart” and hard driving tracks like “”Power Chain” and “Live It”. The title track “Long Road” is a powerful ballad showcasing Brad’s vocals and the band’s instrumental artistry. All in all, an incredible album from point of entry to the last note of the album’s journey. FnA Records is proud to release Long Road and to give you what was and what is Nobody’s Children!

Naughty Naughty - Lucky Thirteen 2014 (Hard Rock) US

In a nutshell, this band had every element to be one of the giants in rock music, but it just never came to fruition. It all started in 1988 when Jimmi and Brian began writing and demoing songs together. Even though they were in different bands at the time, they realized that they both had song ideas that they didn’t feel right presenting to their current bands. So, in late 1988, they decided to form a new band called Naughty Naughty. Brian suggested his brother Jeff as the driving force drum beat behind the band, and he was! Next was the bass…at first we had no idea who could pull this off and a friend had suggested we give Jason a try. Jason fit the band well. All four guys rehearsed the songs in an old warehouse where the band lived upto their name. The band played out, but were very particular about which shows they would play so as to showcase their live show. Jason left the band in 1989 to pursue a solo career and this somehow led us to Phil Reiner. Phil was an awesome addition to the band. A full time music student who could read and write music and play a wide variety of styles; he brought a new feel to the band that really set us in a new direction. The band began to focus on the way songs were put together, honing their songwriting skills. Just as the live show and songs were coming together with the new lineup, Grunge became popular, seemingly overnight. Not willing to change their image and sound like many other bands did every time some thing new hit big, the band just fell apart in 1991. But, the music lives on in these recordings! 

Fatal Atraction - Inmortal 2014 (Hard Rock) US!kJcxxaoI!sWvvH1pH0jqtsGLFB8Vt2fy77iGy-bueX7AYsfsdz6E

Throughout time, folklore has cited strange happenings and sightings of the vampire nature; and in the 1980's, there was no exception to the rule. Sure there was the Lost Boys phenomenon and the hollywood a-listers that gave insight into the culture, but thats not what this story is about. Whether you believe its myth or reality or coincedence, the fact of the matter is that there were many spectators and unwilling participants that can lend credence to the fact that a 'Band Of Vampires' descended onto Southern California and created havoc on the local hard rock club circuit. The story can be passed down from generation to generation, and some still have the unwarranted markings bestowed upon their physical embodiment/capsule, but one only knows the real blood-curdling horror and mayhem that transpired if they were there to experience it with their own two eyes. Speculation indicates that this 'band of vampires' is comprised of the living dead - four old souls that have been lost for eternity - their earliest known existence dating back to the 1600's. No one really knows how these four came together - but they did - and they found that their prowess was much more penetrating when they had strength in numbers. So around the year of MCMLXXXVIII (1988), the four formed an alliance (a blood brother pact if you will) that to the detriment of many would become known as Fatal Attraction. As the living dead, Fatal Attraction were forever twenty-five; however their souls all harkened back to the 17th century; a time of brutal torture and devices that ripped flesh from bone. These English gents seem to have missed the mark when it came to being civilized in a way that would mesh with 20th century man....and for this...much chaos brewed...especially if you were a fair-skinned, long-haired, big-bosomed, metal chick. Fatal Attraction ultimately fed on the flesh of innocence and purity stealing the sanctity of all that was deemed sacred and pure. Virgins were sacrificed and lines were crossed...and few were never the same if Fatal Attraction crossed their path. And nothing could be truer if you saw these deviants play live at the local dive. Only those who were there, really know! We know very little about the individual members of Fatal Attraction. What we do know is that this unruly cast of characters is out for your blood! Again, none of this information can be confirmed (nor denied). It is purely folklore passed down from those who were lucky enough to escape the restraints that bound. It seems that at the forefront of these degenerates is an individual, if you can respectfully refer to him as such, who goes by the name of Michael Dee. Many of his centuries were spent haunting the midwest, somewhere around the Ohio Valley until enough damage was done, that Michael up and left and headed towards Massachusettes. Little is known from this time period about Michaels undertakings, but it is said that some incident with tea forced him to uproot again and find new dwellings. Michael headed west leaving despair in his wake. Taking a strong interest in the counter culture and bizarre rituals of a new hippie culture, Michael began terrorizing those that he would come to despise. These individuals were stalked nightly and were left wondering if they were really seeing a vampire or hallucinating - but it didnt really matter if it was a long slow trip or not - he stole their drugs, fucked their "free love" bitches, and vowed to partake in a new style of music that would become known as Glam Metal. It was at about this time that Michael teamed up with his right-hand man, and counterpart of chaos, Trey Valentine. With ties to the "old country", Trey originally migrated to the Americas around 1750, settling in the southeast, only to be uprooted by a country fighting for its independence. This is when Trey opted to move west understanding that he would never be at peace, therefore realizing that his work was unfinished and that there were souls left to torture. Michael and Trey would eventually cross paths and become the founding members of Fatal Attraction. Their meeting was solely by chance, and an immeasureable bond was forged...and has lasted. For these two, Time Stands Still. Today, Trey's whereabouts are unknown, but FBI files seem to indicate that Trey has gone underground, masked his appearance, and taken to the airwaves to try and corrupt the down-trodden, the lost people, and those that are simply corruptable or antiestablishment. Immortality was bestowed upon Johnny Crystal who was floating around the Texas/New Mexico border and JD Shadowz who had ties to the Gulf Coast. Together and united, they are Fatal Attraction, a group of talented and diverse individuals with musical talent and a common goal. Fatal Attraction became the true Hollywood Vampires. Their music was created as a ploy to attract compadres, counterparts, and victims. Some were associated in name and likeness only, some were bitten and given eternal life, and others were sacrificed for the common good of the message. Infamy and notoriety grew, and small masses began to protest. To the band, the message was clear and the bible-thumpers had to go. Loyal legions of fans were employed and deployed to fight the establishment. However, as more of the underbelly of society became drawn to the message of Fatal Attraction, unwanted elements took notice as well. Most notably were the VHA (Vampire Hunters of America). It came to the attention of Michael and Trey that they were being followed; Michael Dee got spooked and went into hiding for a year. Feeling that it was safe to return, Michael revolted and drove a stake through the heart of his replacement, reclaiming his seniority in the band and vowing to fight the VHA tooth and nail (fangs and stakes). A contract was signed in blood vowing to reclaim Hollywood and to never abandon his post again. It should be noted that over the years, a few other sikk individuals shared the stage with Fatal Attraction, but at one point or another went missing. This didn't sit well with everyone in the band. Johnny Crystal changed his name to Johnny Crypt and went and hung out with some electric gypsies. JD has been seen hanging out in the Hollywood Hills with a pirate and a rock city angel. Leaked FBI reports also indicate that JD has been building thousands of undersized coffins and distributing them as instruments of war. The FBI, who has become perplexed with why so many miniature coffins are needed, has enlisted the help of the CIA and a reward is being offered to anyone with inside information. As for the rest, folklore dictates that these casualties were at the hands of vampire hunters. However, as attention was being focused back on these secret services, a bigger enemy was lurking in the wings, and their voice was deafening. Their fear was that the hard rock bands were becoming too powerful and even predictable. So Corporate Music America agreed to pull the rug out from underneath those who had originally put them on the map. According to well-documented accounts, and to everyones surprise and amazement, this enemy was able to rattle the music industry with its iron fist in one fell swoop. The powers that be shook their mighty fist and ushered in a new type of bullshit music that lacked creativity and was full of ambivelance, solely to eliminate a great music. This new group of musicians just didn't care about their presentation, their look, their live show, or even their ability to play. Folklore even states that the monster behind the curtain teamed up with some of the more powerful hairspray and makeup companies, and struck a deal to manufacture their products with garlic, in an attempt to rapidly rid of the riff raff, the beggars and hangers-on, Fatal Attraction and other hard rock bands. Forward to 2012 Vampires travel - they don't sit still. And it seems that vampire activity is on the rise. With that being said, a group from Nashville, Tn. going by the name of FnA Records, has resurrected the recordings from the original Hollywood Vampires and have breathed new life and interest into keeping the message, the 80's way of life, and just plain good ol hard rock n roll music.

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THRILLS GALORE - Guaranteed 1988 (Hard Rock) US

Might look like a typical poser band, but isn't! THRILLS GALORE belong to the heavier kind of them, which means there are surely Glam influences appearing here and there but basically their style is melodic US Metal with "On your nerves" to stand out. Quite catchy, pounding mid paced underground stuff with good, nasty vocals (little bit softer than the FASTWAY guy) and well worked out songwriting. Hard to imagine now that I didn't want to buy this album because I thought I have already too much of these common US Poser records in the shelves. But you see it's smart to try them all, and in case of THRILLS GALORE it won't cost you much. Copies for 9,99 $ aren't fiction at all. Make sure to don't miss it out! (metalpage)

The Truth - Weapons Of Love_1987 (AOR)

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Surrender - Blam! 1992 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA,Colorado

Self-Released by the band 1992 / 6 tracks. Incredibly rare and terrific MELODIC HARD ROCK/AOR indie cd released by this band from Colorado/TX (do not confound with Surrender from NYC), extremely recommended for fans of top AOR/MHR bands like Alias, Bad English, Dare, Strangeways, Melidian and Giant, and fanatic collectors of indies like Rock Boulevard, Mae West, Avalon, France, Safire and Vera Cruz. Personally one of my favorite indie, includes infectious melodies with great keys and powerful ballads.

Gunslinger - Explode In Your Face "Demo" 1993/4 (Hard Rock) USA

Party Hard Rock!

Canada - Afterimage "Remast. 2010" (Prog Rock/AOR) Italy

Afterimage is not an album in the strict sense of the word, but rather a collection of tracks released on cassette and vinyl between 1987 and 1995. The story of Canada is a story of passion and courage, embracing a musical style that, unfortunately was yet to be understood in Italy. Fortunately, today times have changed and this music has found its place – so it seems appropriate to release the output of this underappreciated band, Canada. Canada were (it would be appropriate to use the present tense as music transcends time) three italian musicians in the mid 80s that dreamt of blending the technique of progressive rock with a more accessible AOR sound... Read and listen

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Embassy - Edge Of Rainbows 1998 (Melodic Hard Rock) Germany

Sleazy Roze - Caution Filling Is Hot 1996 (Glam) Sweden

Like AC/DC

Frozen Ghost discography

Sleazy Roze - Only One/She's So Fine 7'' Single (Melodic Rock/AOR) Sweden

Alecstar - 2005 - Full Circle (Hard Rock)

18 Names - 1986 - Armed And Ready

18 NAMES were one of Pittsburgh's premier rock bands of the mid to late '80s. They privately released this incredible piece of female fronted melodic hard rock / AOR back in 1987 (on vinyl only) and the record has been going for crazy prices amongst collectors! Featuring one of the greatest female rock voices of the '80s KARLA GOLDMAN (who later released "Karla", her highly touted solo album in 1990) along with bassist Scott Bender (of Paul Gilbert's SCOTLAND and BATON ROUGE), drummer Chris Procopio (of TRIPLE X) and the tasty guitar and keyboard interplay of Bill Baldwin and John Meanor respectively -- you will love everything about this album. Excellent production, fantastic songs, jaw-dropping vocals and top notch musicianship!! (Retrospe***)

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Jungle Alley - Demos 1988 (Hard Rock) USA

Very Good! Demos

Savannah Nix - Demos 1989 (Hard Rock/Glam) UK


London Glamsters SAVANNAH NIX, founded in 1987 and fronted by Swiss vocalist Dave Rubio, issued demos in 1988. The band's 1992 formation witnessed a strong toning down of the image, the unit comprising singer Marc Huckle, guitarists Colin Alexander and Max Numa, Karl Chappell having replaced Mark Goodchild on bass and drummer Jules Fayleparr.

RARE!!! 3 Songs

Sircle of Silence - St 1994 (Melodic Metal)


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