lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

Hard Attack - Hard Attack 1989/2012 (Melodic Rock/AOR)

First time ever on cd for 80s AOR act HARD ATTACK!! These songs were all recorded between 1984 & 1989 and there is some top quality Melodic Rock on offer here. Led by the unique vocals of Winton Fenderson and rounded out by lush keyboards , tasty axework and a solid rhythm section , I believe AOR fans around the world will find a lot to like about these long lost tracks. From uptempo Melodic Rockers like 'Give It Time' and 'Lay it on the Line' to Keyboard-driven ballads like 'Is There A Reason' and 'Can't Wait' , to the moody textures of 'Hard Rain' and the NWOBHM feel of 'Stand Back' ..heard gems.


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