jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Dirt River Radio - Come Back Romance, All Is Forgiven 2012 (Southern Rock) Australia

 But entering the field, this is a disc that is difficult to pigeonhole by their many nuances. We're talking Rock undoubtedly yes, and concocted with exquisite taste well, but here we find from issues close to roots music, through the western, southern touches, forays into acoustic rock anthems and even brewers very nearly , with refrains of those to chant at a bar raising your tankard. The music contained here has a certain melancholy tone that reminds me personally relatively speaking-to names like Dogs D'Amour, with whom also akin painful beauty of some of his melodies and a penchant alcohol present here and there along disk, although I must make it clear that they are so close musically. I would highly recommend listening to a song like "The Boys in the Public Bar", a song that I think sums up the essence of everything I have said and what is probably the best of the whole album, one of those songs that will stick in the brain and do not leave for several days. We will have to see how it is mounted live.Thank u }{eavy


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