martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Airborne - Walk On Water 1995 (Hard Rock/Melodic Metal) Germany

Airborne Walk On Water Album CoverAirborne Band Picture

"Breath Of Dark" starts with a heavy riff and an alternative voice/sound, an avoidable track. "Where?" is a bit better, "Walk on Water" is a Good Acoustic/Melodic Rock song, "I Just Wanna Make You Happy" ok Acoustic ballad(more than 7 min?)... the rest is more of the same, some cool harmonies but the grunge/alternative sound is here & there as well. This is not Melodic Metal, this is Melodic Rock combined with a Grungy/Alternative/modern sound and Heavy Riffs, if you like that combination; then, this could be yours.(j.Carlos)


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