sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

White Flame - Cougar 2012 (Hard Rock)

White Flame - Cougar

It's been a few years since I last heard White Flame, dating back to their 2007 debut Yesterday' News, but I don't remember them being this good! Maybe all it took was the guidance of famed producer Chris Laney to take these Finnish rockers to the next level. Whatever the reason, Cougar is a great album that takes several twists and turns. "Get What's Mine" starts the festivities with opening vocals that remind me of Megadeth's Dave Mustaine -- but don't worry, this isn't thrash, and by the time the chorus comes along any similarities are quickly forgotten. The album's first single, "I Know Where You Live", was co-written by Laney and his signature sound is instantly recognizable. This song finds vocalist Vince doing his best Alice Cooper impression before breaking into a huge and melodic chorus -- this track could easily have found its way onto Laney's Only Come Out At Night solo release. The title track shuffles along with a hint of Aerosmith blues while the funky "What Girls Like" is extremely catchy for a type of music (funk-rock) I usually can't stand. http://www.sleazeroxx.com/bands/whiteflame/cougar.shtml


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