lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

Tragic Romance - Hollywood Daze 2012 (Hard Rock/Sleazy) us

Tragic Romance | Hollywood Daze

Formed in late 1987 in Los Angeles, CA., Tragic Romance was a bruising yet soaring powerhouse that rocked both the Sunset Strip AND the coolest and darkest underground clubs LA had to offer. They were definitely part of the "big-hair"-"sleaze rock"- "Hollywood glam" scene, but it wouldn't always remain that way. Eventually they would take a walk on the darker side of the street and be fully accepted in that realm as well.However, in the fall of 1989, Tragic Romance meandered over to the darker side of hard rock music and soon won the respect of the underground scene that featured such wicked, wild, and wonderful luminaries like Jane's Addiction, Lions and Ghosts, Human Drama, Motorcycle Boy, The Nymphs, and many more. Tragic Romance felt more at home in this scene where dark sounds and real poetry for lyrics were the norm, instead of the overdone, overblown, anything for a good time theme that was smothering the Strip. 



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