viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

The Triplets - Thicker Than Water 1991 + EP! (Melodic Rock / AOR) Mexico

The Triplets – Thicker Than Water (1991) [MP3]

The Triplets were a pop\rock trio consisting of the Villegas triplets: Diana, Sylvia and Vicky (born on April 18, 1965 from Mexico). They first received recognition after winning the 1986 MTV Basement Contest.During that same year, the Triplets released their debut album, "Break the Silence" on Elektra Records. The album didn't appear to chart at all and it's unknown how or if the album was ever successful.In 1991, the trio released their second album, "Thicker Than Water" on Mercury Records which peaked at #125 on the Billboard 200 chart.The Triplets scored their biggest hit to date, "You Don't Have to Go Home Tonight" which peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. They also released a VHS tape during that same year. The second single from the album, "Sunrise" failed to chart at all on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was featured during the final scene of the "Beverly Hills 90210" graduation episode.In 1992, the Triplets released a Spanish version album of "Thicker Than Water" called "Fuerza del Parentesco." The song, "Sombras Y Silencios" peaked at #11 on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart.In 1993, the Villegas sisters released their sophomore Spanish-language album, "Algo Mas Que Amor" under the name "Las Triplets." The title song (which was a cover of Guys Next Door's hit song) peaked at #2 on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart. The follow-up singles, "Mi Mundo Entero" and "Las Llaves de Mi Corozon" were moderately successful on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart.After that, nothing much has been heard from them and it seems as if they've faded into obscurity.


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