sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

Masquerade - Crazy About The Night Life 1994 (Hard Rock) US

Masquerade Crazy About the Night Life Album Cover

Well...for me this act had somethin' good...not a completely waste as stated above and obvioulsy respecting his comment (the way it has to be in the Heavy Harmonies site)...of course this act had nothing 2 do with the mighty Masquerade (Sweden)but still offers some goodie tracks..ok...you might forget this release after maybe a coulpe of spins but it will give you a good feeling while listening 2 it(or at least it did 2 me)..."Crazy About The Night Life" ,"Sure Hope It's Time" good one,"Always Takes You Down" really liked it,solid chorus,"Blind Date" another good one,"Bump & Grind" another one,"Those Lips Are Trouble" kicks a**! & the edited version of "Til The End Of Time" is better than the "original" one..with that acoustic feel...not hyper highly recommended but surely acceptable.rick kerch vzla.


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