domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Kingpin - Welcome to Bop City 1988 (Hard Rock) us

Welcome to Bop City - album cover

Prior to their wild daze bangin'-out kick ass sleazy cuts under the name Shotgun Messiah, guitarist Harry Cody, vocalist Zinny J San and drummer Stixx Galore, along with bassist Tim Tim, ripped up the glam scene, under the name Kingpin. The Swede's lone recording, Welcome to Bop City, packaged in screaming neon pink, green, yellow and purple, is a posin' and poutin' glitter fest. With actual musical talent to back up their back alley trashy image, unlike many of the pretenders from down on the corner of Hollywood 'n' Vine, Kingpin bash it out with confidence. Noteworthy is the performance of Cody, who packs on the guitar riffs and solos with confidence. "Shout it Out", along with "I'm Your Love", the defiant "I' Don't Care About Nothin'", and "Squeezin' Teazin'", work up the most energy from the nine song offering.


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