sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

Gunner Sixx - Desire 2011 (AOR/Melodic Hard Rock) Arg

Gunner Large

Introducing brand new AOR / HAIR METAL / MELODIC HARD ROCK sensations GUNNER!! Certainly one of the best bands to ever emerge from Argentina , this quartet cites influences such as WHITESNAKE , DOKKEN , MOTLEY CRUE , DANGER DANGER and FIREHOUSE and it's very evident by the quality of the songwriting that these guys are all about hooks and looks!! From driving hard rockers like 'Till I Reach The End' to the heartfelt ballad 'While Dreams Have Been Gone' , I believe all fans of 80s-style AOR / Melodic Hard Rock will place this release in their top ten of the year. Retrospect Records is very happy to have GUNNER join the currently ACTIVE roster of new up and coming artists like Wildstreet , The Glitter Boys and Pretty Little Suicide on the label.


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