domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Blackboard Jungle - California 2013 (Hard Rock)

 Blackboard Jungle Open The Vaults On 'California'
The new CD 'California' has arrived and it is bursting at the seams with everything from the first 2 songs ever recorded by the boys 'Thrill Generation' and 'Three Days Straight' to the very hard to find tracks "All My Friends", "Wavelength", "Dust, Hurricanes & Arson" to the Brent Muscat produced "Caroline", "Hip Lil Thing", "You and Me" and the Dead or Alive cover of "You Spin Me Round" (Yes, we finally got our hands on the cover song!) If that weren't enough - we got our mitts on 2 songs from the Marlboro recording sessions and 3 live tracks from a sold out Coconut Teazer show is 1994. This stuff is epic in every way and we are proud to be a part of finally getting it to the masses. Now that the trilogy is complete, it is time to light up a Marlboro Red, kick the top off a bottle of Tequila and sit back and enjoy the ride that only Blackboard Jungle can take you on!! Crank this baby up as it will shatter glass and that our friends was the intention from the beginning! All in all, this CD is so thorough in completing the Blackboard Jungle legacy, it is a must have for any fan of the late eighties and early nineties Sunset Strip scene.

Thank u }{eavy


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