martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Terri Nunn - Moment Of Truth 1991 (AOR/Pop) US

Terri Nunn was (and still is) the lead singer of US new wavers Berlin. But for awhile after their late 1980's heydey, the group split. Like so many lead singers of successful groups before her (Debbie Harry, Dale Bozzio, Kelli Ali, etc., etc., etc.), Terri must have figured that the group's success hinged a great deal on her vocals, which truly give any group it's personality, and that a solo album would garner the same success (the title of the album seems to point to this). But also like these other lead singers, she soon discovered that there is indeed more to the success of a group than just a pretty face or unique voice. (theisleoffailedpopstars)


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