domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Americade - Rock Hard 1988 (Hard Rock) US,320@

The first four tracks were quality demos from 1988 that feature the incredible pipes of vocalist Mark Weitz (also sang with Yngwie, Ramos, Eyes) -- these 4 amazing songs are worth the price of admission alone! All other tracks were recorded in 1983 with the classic lineup of Walt Woodward III (drums), Dave Spitz (bass) and the De Marigny brothers and produced by renowned producer JEFF GLIXMAN (Saxon, Yngwie, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Kansas++). The track "Black Cloud" is an awesome cover of the old Glenn Hughes song. Gerard told me a story that most of his guitar tracks here were recorded through Gary Moore's guitar rig that was set up in a studio in Atlanta, GA at the time!! Needless to say, you can really hear the killer progression of this bands musicianship and songwriting skills here and i believe some of the bands best work is on this CD. Highly recommended!!


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