sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

Oslo - St. 1991 (Melodic Rock) USA

Strange one this, in so far as it has that "down and dirty" feel of a set of demos that have been around the block, clutched in a band members sweaty hand, as they tried to sell themselves on the "boulevard of broken dreams". An obvious point of reference is Robby Valentines, Freddy Mercury cloned voice, of which Paul Gregory has a seemingly rougher edge. (or is it the production?). Actually Queen (& Deep Purple) are thanked in the credits, for helping them get started. And there you have it, a cool mixture of these two bands is basically what is on offer and that can't be a bad thing. A better production and distribution would have seen this one in most peoples collections. As it is, you will have to pay top dollar to gain a copy... assuming it ever gets offered at all!


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