viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Level - St 1982 (AOR) USA

This is a fantastic album possibly one of the best AOR releases ever. Forget the fact that it's an independent release Level had their own unique brand of AOR. Their origins are a mystery (to me at least) and their disapperance equally so. Astonishing that the band never secured a major deal. The material is uniformly excellent throughout, all with killer hooklines interspersed with some very clever use of string arrangements - 'Permanent scar' being a prime example.(richb)

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SnoWMann dijo...

Great Band kissmar
Over & Over ThankYou
only know 1 preview track until now
other thing
i worked MONA LISA tracks, and now i have them a little better if you are interestening in checkout it i can UP them



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