martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

Magdallan - Big Bang 1992 (Hard Rock) US

While the lyrics can't withstand careful scrutiny, there are plenty of kick-ass songs on this quasi-Christian AOR CD. Ken Tamplin's voice is in fine form and, when he doesn't let it get out of control ("Big Bang"), it rivals a Coverdale or a James Christian. "House of Dreams" is a MUST-HEAR ballad as is the sheer AOR perfection of "Radio Bikini", "Love to the Rescue", "Cry Just a Little Bit" and "Wounded Hearts". P.S. Avoid the 1993 follow-up, Magdalen, with even hokier lyrics and no Ken Tamplin,Lanny Cordola.


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panchulometal dijo...

vale .. gracias por el discaso . lo escuche en una radio .. y lo kise buscar de una !!! gracias por el aporte !!!!!


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